Theme 3.  Educational Research, Capacity Building for Research, and the Research – Policy Relationship

Upon joining the Ford Foundation in 1972, Myers became involved in helping to develop a program of grants designed to strengthen educational research institutions in Latin America.  This experience led to his being seconded to the International Development and Research Centre during 1975 to 1978 to coordinate a broader exercise intended to provide international funders with suggestions about how they might best provide support to strengthen educational research in “Developing Countries”.  To inform this task, a Research Review and Advisory Group (RRAG) was formed bringing together, periodically, an elite group of people embodying multiple experiences both as researchers and as people responsible for educational policy and programming, in a variety of national settings.   The theme of how research, policy and programming are related has remained a central interest and served as a basis for forming and coordinating the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development (1985 to 1995).   In his writing, Myers has stressed the importance of looking at how research methods and outcomes are linked to the very different purposes and audiences research is supposed to serve.  He has emphasized the importance of direct participation in the research process by policy makers and practioners as well as by academic researchers, linked to the idea that learning occurs by those who participate in the process as well as from the dissemination of research results by researchers to others once research is completed.



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Book Preface


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Research Reports


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Discussion papers


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[In this paper Myers argues that if the purpose of research is to inform action it may be more efficient to involve local people in research rather than to take the results of research done elsewhere as the basis for moving ahead; in so doing, this will help to take into account diverse local conditions as well as provide understanding and ownership to those who will be responsible for using the results.]


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[The reflections draw on the experience of the author over a 20-year period during which he established and coordinated two networks: The Research Review and Advisory Group and the Consultative Group on Early Childhood Care and Development.]

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