Theme 1.  Education and Emigration/Brain Drain/Migration/Study Abroad

Writings related to this theme began with Myers´ PhD dissertation looking at the association between emigration (or “brain drain”) to the United States and the experience of university study in the United States prior to emigrating.  That research was based on an analysis of data of the International Institute of Education’s yearly census of foreign students the United States (in 1966) as well as a questionnaire and interview case study of Peruvians in US higher education institutions at that time.  The problem studied and the research analysis are presented in a book titled Education and Emigration. Study Abroad and the Migration of Human Resources.  Results of a longitudinal study of these students is reported in The Comparative Education Review. The theoretical basis used to analyze this particular form of migration is presented in an article, written with Mary Jean Bowman and published in Journal of the American Statistical Association.  In 1983 Myers wrote a report for the Ford Foundation examining its support totaling about one billion dollars (1983 prices) provided for education abroad of about 11,500 “Third World” nationals between 1960 and 1980.  References to these documents and others written by Myers related to the theme are provided below.



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