This overview of writings is intended to help those interested in selecting material that may be of direct interest. All of the material that is listed in this overview may be found in the Library of documents and may not only be cited (giving proper credit) but also copied for personal use and sharing with others.

The writings of Robert Myers span more than 50 years. However, the material presented is of more than historical interest, dealing with issues, options, program models, and policies that are still at the center of debates being held in 2020. This is particularly so for his work dealing with how to conceptualize, organize, evaluate and promote policies, practices and programs that are intended to support and improve integrated development of children during the first years of their lives.

Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD).  This section of material includes:

  • Books written or co-authored by Myers that take a comprehensive view of ECCD.
  • Writings on specific topics within the ECCD field.
  • Photos taken by Myers of young children and of widely varying ECCD environments.

Other topics (non-ECCD) are presented in a separate section. These topics include.
  • Education and Emigration/Brain Drain/Migration and Study Abroad.
  • Education and the Labor Market.
  • Educational Research/Capacity-building for Research/The Research-Policy Relationship.
  • Education in Latin America.
  • Teacher Standards and Evaluation.